ENERGYBades Energy Production Inc.

TAHA Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant is planned to be established by the participation of BADES Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. in Mardin province for satisfy the need of electricity in the territory and to decrease the public discontents about the power failure.

Because of the increasing investments on tourism and industry sectors, Mardin’s power needs are increasing as well as its reaching level of economic development. This lack of power in the territory and the power lines and transformers, is the main explanation of why the Taha DGKÇ power plant is an important investment in Mardin province. The capacity of territorial transformers is a problem in the case of the power plants that will be planted around territory. Because of the capacity lack of the transformers, the only Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant will be Taha DGKÇS in Mardin until the investments on transformers show up.

According to the emulsion degrees aftermath the cycle process, the ease and the levels of Natural Gas which is lower than any other power plants’, that are working with other fossil fuels. Because of it is highly productive and needs less time to begin production, natural gas cycle plants are popular nowadays.

Also most of the 400 people that will work at construction process Taha DGKÇ plant and the 37 people that will work in producing will be out of the ones living in Mardin province. Besides the electricity that will be produced, also with the creation of employment will be additional for the territorial economy.

Bades Elektrik Üretim AŞ within the participation of Egemen Group, is registered for production by the Energy Market Regulatory Board for 49 years stats by August 11, 2011.

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