Egemen İnşaat believes that; carrying out the undertaken projects in a safe environment and under convenient working circumstances is essential for achieving the quality, profitability and growth targets. Improving the working conditions and ergonomics, preventing the risks and protecting the employees’ health are the top responsibilities of the company and the executives. The success of the working conditions and the occupational safety management depends on having the safety awareness individually and socially.

All employees are responsible for ensuring their own safety by using the safety equipment that are specified in OHSAS trainings and required in the instructions, by following the rules and contributing to the prevention of the risks. No occupational accident is possible if all necessary measures are taken. Being healthy and physical safety are the natural rights of all employees. Safety is a behavior. Egemen İnşaat takes all measures and provide any kind of trainings to have the employees to adopt acting safe as a life style both inside and outside the company.

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