Human Resources

The corporate culture which prioritizes the mutual confidence and etic values is the base for our human resources policy. Flexible Human Resources policies are being determined for supporting the growth objectives and strategies of Egemen Group companies that operate in various industries.

To create an environment that enhance the motivation and loyalty of the employees, to invest in the development of the staff, to make the company attractive for the qualified personnel by establishing the policies and technical information required for maintaining such environment, to maintain our qualified staff are the main human resources policies.

Your application procedure begins as your CV/background is received. Primarily your knowledge and experiences are being evaluated and being matched with the vacant position if any.

If you are found to be matching with any of the vacant positions in line with the knowledge and experience information you provided in your CV/background, you will be invited for employment interview.

The resumes that do not match with the vacant positions are being stored in our database for potentials match ups in the future.

After being contacted, the Human Resources experts make one-to-one interviews with the candidates and the results of the interviews are being communicated to the candidates via email.

Thank you for your interest.

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